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We accept financial donations (cash, cheques or etransfers). Etransfers can be sent to If sending an etransfer, please make us aware of the answer to the security question. If wanting to send cash or a cheque through the mail, please reach out to for our mailing address. Thank you for your support! 

You can now donate directly to the pantries themselves! Of, if you prefer, you can drop off "Item of the Month" donations at Wuerth Shoes (142 Courthouse Square). NOTE: Canned food items are no longer accepted in the pantries as of November 11th, 2022, over the course of the winter months (due to the safety risks they can pose if frozen). Canned food items can be donated to the library or to Wuerth's Shoes. Volunteers will remove any canned/glass jar items they find in the pantries. 

We cannot accept any of the below items:
● Homemade food items (including pickled items or jams)
● Perishable items
● Expired food items
● Metal cans with swollen sides or ends, flaws in the seams, rust, dents or leaks
● Cans without a label
● Canned or glass jarred items in freezing temperatures (below 5°C) or in high temperatures (above 25°C) 
● Items with obvious signs of deterioration or tampering with
● Items with broken, leaking or damaged packaging
● Gnawed looking packaging
● Moisture stains on dried goods
● Unsealed items
● Bulk food items (ie. from Bulk Barn)
● Unsealed dry jarred items (like soup or cookie mixes)
● Medications

Any canned items that are donated in freezing temperatures (below 5°C) or in high temperatures (above 25°C) will be removed from the pantries, in order to reduce the risk of botulism and other related illnesses. 

Winter Appropriate Food Items
● Peanut butter and jelly in plastic
● Boxed/bagged grains/beans: rice, couscous, quinoa, red beans, white beans
● Liptons or other similar dried soups
● Dried ‘ready made meals’, like Knors or Hamburger Helper
● Pasta: dry pasta, bagged pasta meals, mac n’ cheese
● Pasta sauce in plastic
● Cereal: cold and hot
● Peanut butter
● Crackers
● Applesauce
● Dried fruits
● Dehydrated vegetables
● Granola bars
● Baby food pouches
● Tuna bagged packets
● Oatmeal
● Pancake and cake mix
● School snacks
● Fruit cups
● Pudding and jello mix
● Coffee
● Chips
● Nachos
● Tortillas
● Taco kits
● Powdered potatoes
● Pepperoni packets
● Beef jerky
● Dried pet food
● Pet food in plastic cups or pouches
● Tea
● Powdered juice mix


Thank You!

Thank you goes out to the following businesses for their support of this initiative (item donation, financial donation, product discounts & more)!

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