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Give what you can,
Take what you need

Please take from the Goderich Free Little Pantries as needed. If you find yourself in need regularly, know that your community is here to help. There are local food banks available to provide you with more substantial and nutritious supplies of food designated to meet the specific needs of you (and/or your family).

Salvation Army Food Bank 

309 Suncoast Dr E 


St Vincent de Paul Food Bank 

441 Macewan St 



Where You Can Find Us

The outdoor pantries be located at the

following locations:

  • The backside of the Goderich Library, on Lighthouse Street

  • The corner of Bennett and Eldon Street, beside the John O'Keefe Park


The pantries are open 24/7 and 365 days a year. We do recommend taking a flashlight with you if accessing them at night. 

Please also ensure to follow the recommended guidelines affixed to the doors of the pantries before consuming/using any items. 



Ways To Become Involved

Filling the Shopping Basket


You can now directly donate to the pantries themselves! Or, if you prefer, you can donate "Item of the Month" donations at Wuerth's Shoes. Find out more HERE. All pantry food items must be: shelf-stable (non-perishable), sealed, able to withstand high temperatures and not expired. Non-food items include dog/ cat food, baby wipes and diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc. 


Being that these pantries will be spread out through the community, community volunteers will be helpful in keeping an eye out on their local pantry, to ensure that it is in good shape, inform organizers if it is empty and need to be refilled, etc. 


Businesses and organizations are welcome to sponsor the food pantries, either by hosting food drives or through a financial donation (for instance, make a donation which will allow enough food to be purchased for one month). Any businesses or organizations that sponsor the pantries will be promoted on our social media accounts and website. 


Being a community-led project, the community's support will be imperative to this project's success. Support can be something as simple as spreading the word about these pantries, join in events that may be taking place and more! Follow us online to keep up to date with all of the project's happenings!

Canned Food
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